Council of Health Care Accreditation and Association is an international quality assurance and accrediting agency, working to improve quality standards of organizations and grant accreditation to Health care education programs, institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals. We work to ensure educational quality standards and prepare students for careers as registered Health care professionals.

Almost a decade ago Council of Health Care Accreditation and Association was established and it is serving colleges, universities, and students and society through creating a system of successful private sector self-regulation higher education. Moreover, COHCAA has been offering profiles and analyses of accreditation practices, policies and emerging issues.


Revolutionize Healthcare education to benefit society and improve people’s lives; promote credible education and advance excellence through accreditation.

  • Creating Revolutionary Educational Standards

  • Operating in 5 continents and 120 countries

  • Having over 30+ years of Experience

  • Comprehensive and regular institution quality checks

  • Accredited over 1500 programs and 300 institutes

  • Assuring Education Quality Across the Globe