The Council of Health Care Accreditation and Association (COHCAA) is an independent not-for-profit global accreditation agency responsible for regulating and assuring sustainable quality education in all academic institutions/universities worldwide. COHCAA accreditation is recognized as the mark of educational excellence in the private and government sector.
The COHCAA assess the overall performance of academic institutions and provides international accreditation after rigorous evaluation. COHCAA follows a well-thought and carefully designed quality assurance framework to maintain the integrity of education and standards of learning worldwide, offering expansive support services, assistance and development opportunities to students, faculty and educational entities.


We aim to strengthen the stability of health care programs, education and professions all around the globe and aim to promote excellence in health care education internationally.


The COHCAA aspires to be the prominent accrediting association for healthcare education and training institutions; assuring educational excellence across countries.

How we serve the public and health care profession community?

We work to identify, address and articulate the emerging issues in healthcare education system, through extensive exploration and research on the matters, gathering the opinions of students, employers and educators to form a mutually accepted criteria of health care qualifications.

Address issues of joint interest and concern in accreditation through conferences, meetings and Webinars.

Provide trusted source of data and information about accreditation and quality assurance.

Work upon Projects and initiatives to build up accreditation and its part in aiding the public interest.

Form global Databases and directories of accredited institutions and programs and quality assurance bodies.

COHCAA QA Structure

COHCAA is globally recognized for ensuring the finest quality healthcare standards due to its comprehensive quality assurance structure. Having set a multitude of well-structured criteria and strategic targets required to be meet by the applicant entity, the framework is an amalgamation of these benchmarks along with various industry experts, critics and professionals who ensure that the quality assurance practices are implemented and executed adequately.



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