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COHCAA Degree Equalization Services

Council of Health Care Accreditation and Association lays down criteria for health care educational institutions established globally. Institutions need to implement and acquire standards of quality, successful application of which will provide accreditation license.

We assess the overall performance of academic institutions and provide international accreditation after rigorous evaluation. We offer expansive support services, assistance and development opportunities to students, faculty and educational entities.

COHCAA Evaluation

COHCAA was established with the mission of verifying the validity of the qualifications acquired in international schools, colleges and universities outside the United States and Canada. Our goal is to evaluate the degrees earned by students and ensure that their qualifications meet the academic standards established by the higher education institutions in the United States and Canada and the academic standards set by the educational systems of US & Canada

COHCAA offers two types of credit equivalence evaluation packages, including course and document specific evaluation reports.


Best fit for secondary school credentials, immigration as well as employment.

Provides identification and explanation of certificate, diploma and degree

Reflects the period of education

Each document receives an equivalency through this evaluation


Provides equivalency for of all educational document, along with each course and semester credits

Identifies the legitimacy of certificate, diploma or degree and presents them in an suitable manner

Best suited for education, licensing and certification.

Reflects the period of education and provides grade point average equivalency on a scale of 4.0


In order to graduate, students need to earn a minimum number of upper division credits. They can transfer indefinite credits to get their degree, certificate or diploma cleared, if they are seeking to pursue careers outside their region.

However, for equalization of qualifications and degrees, certificates or diplomas, which graduates have earned from any country with different education standards, they need to provide COHCAA with accurate and approved documents from their university, college or school, according to our set guidelines. COHCAA has the right to disapprove an application, if any important document or information is missing.



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