Promoting the Healthcare Profession

10 December 2019

The Council of Health Care Accreditation Association hosted a conference focusing on value-based healthcare and promoting the healthcare profession among the emerging students. Attending the conference were members of the COHCAA including the executive layer of member institutes along with individuals seeking to continue their education in the healthcare domain.

The discussion initiated with addressing the students and highlighted how health sciences programs can help them advance their career in healthcare management. The panel consisted of various senior professors and faculty members who discussed the importance of healthcare education programs and proposed help to the students in developing advanced concepts and latest researches to help them gain better command on the subject.

The post tea break session consisted of a private session where the director of COHCAA encouraged the executives of member institutes to consider offering scholarships and financial aid to the deserving students in order to make education affordable and promote the healthcare profession among young individuals. COHCAA aims to continue its efforts to create a thriving future for mankind and bring reforms in the healthcare education system to ensure positive changes are implemented for a long term positive impact.

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