COHCAA Answers Why Accreditation Of Healthcare Programs Is Vital

19 November 2019

Council of Health Care Accreditation & Association (COHCAA) is a well-established accrediting agency that only accredits healthcare schools, universities and colleges, but also provides quality assurance services. COHCAA accredits business institutions that provide international quality education in healthcare domain.

COHCAA is operating as an independent, not-for-profit organization that encourages healthcare institutions to incorporate its quality assurance model. There are more than 200 members and more than 800 programs accredited by COHCAA in U.S. and across the globe. The Board of Directors of the Council of Health Care Accreditation & Association has recognized COHCAA.

COHCAA answers why healthcare program accreditation is essential to the industry. As a matter of fact, employers want to ensure that the new candidates possess exactly the knowledge and education, which are required for the position within their organization. COHCAA provides this assurance through its accreditation. Graduates who earn healthcare degrees, accredited by COHCAA are expected to have comprehensive knowledge and relevant expertise to excel.

COHCAA assesses healthcare programs to ensure that the programs are designed as per quality standards, so that students get the best educational experience, during the program. Further, COHCAA’s healthcare program accreditation symbolizes that graduates have the proficiency to meet the requirements of their profession.

COHCAA accreditation gives the industry an opportunity, to guide business schools about the current and future needs of the professional world. Moreover, COHCAA accreditation is often used for screening applicants by different licensing agencies. This justifies that COHCAA accreditation is highly valued and accepted and therefore, vital to the industry in distinct ways.

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