Financially assisting the academically qualified to get the best education

12 December 2019

Council of Health Care Accreditation & Association is dedicated to eradicating the financial barriers between education and promising international students who are willing to continue their education and make a difference in the healthcare industry. They ensure that deserving students receive scholarships and grants to cover their financial costs. Council of Health Care Accreditation & Association recognizes the financial need and the academic achievement of outstanding students. They devote more than $8 million to the scholarships, awards and another form of financial support for the international graduate students.

Council of Health Care Accreditation & Association is offering scholarships to undergraduate and graduate international students to provide them with opportunities to excel in their careers in the future. COHCAA does not only grant scholarships themselves but also assisting students in finding various untapped sources of scholarships, grants and student loans. The organization makes an effort by providing support to students at every step, starting from awarding the scholarships to helping them find a credible and recognized university to continue their education.

With an aim of fulfilling the dream of many international students; the scholarships and bursaries offered by COHCAA, the organization seeks to utilize the best and academically qualified students with financial barriers to receive the education they deserve and bring a positive change to the healthcare industry.

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